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Our Mission

“CPS West is dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship with innovative solutions through high-performance flooring systems. We strive to continually grow and develop as a team. We aim to develop client relationships founded on collaboration and mutual trust.”

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Concrete Protection Systems West (CPS West) is an experienced leader in high-performance flooring and wall systems ranging from epoxy to urethane flooring. High-performance flooring systems are durable, time saving, low maintenance, chemically resistant, environmentally friendly, and can be used in a wide-range of markets or applications. What sets CPS West apart from its competitors is the adaptability to client needs and the unique blend of true craftsmanship with innovation and novelty.

Not only does CPS West work to build strong communication and relationships with clients through out the entire process, the quality of the finished work speaks volumes. The main goal of CPS West is to meet clients’ needs, whether that is functioning within a certain price point or working after hours to facilitate minimal disturbances at the job site. We also work with multiple manufactures to adapt to your available resources and provide you with the durable and lasting product that you have envisioned.

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