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High Quality Dog Kennels Flooring

April 6, 2017

The Dog kennel epoxy flooring industry has a certain set of requirements it must adhere to, which are different from your typical residential or commercial flooring needs. Before installation, consider if your flooring option is suitable for kennels. Paint usually does not hold up on a kennel floor. Common sense indicates needing a level, smooth floor that is seamless (seamless epoxy flooring), not slippery (not too smooth), easily cleanable (not too rough), non-absorbent, able to resist abrasion of dog nails, and resistant to water, urine, and other chemicals. If you apply those criteria to your dog kennel flooring needs, then you will eliminate vinyl composition tile (VCT), typical vinyl sheet goods, and other types of tile with grout lines. It is clear that nothing is more effective than epoxy flooring for dog kennels.


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