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Concrete Protection Systems West November 2016: Epoxy Flooring Company

December 7, 2016

1. Do you have experience?
a. When it comes to receiving the best services possible, it’s important that your epoxy flooring company have lots of experience. For example, the expert crew at Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc. has years of experience as a leading epoxy flooring company. Professional concrete coating technicians should provide specially designed epoxy-flooring solutions for all of your commercial needs and industrial applications.

2. What kind of technology do you use?
a. As a trusted epoxy flooring company, CPS West is committed to using what they refer to as “next generation” technology. They also make use of high quality products and well-made materials. You can be sure that their resinous epoxy, concrete sealers, wall coatings and more will last for years to come.

3. Can you service my industry?
a. It is essential that the epoxy flooring company you choose to work with have experience servicing your industry. CPS West has experience providing high quality epoxy flooring to: Industrial, Manufacturing, Animal Care Facilities, Aircraft Hangars, Healthcare/Hospital, Retail, Auto Dealership, Restaurant, Pharmaceutical and School Facilities.

To learn more about CPS West and our leading epoxy flooring company, please call (909) 984-6100 and visit


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