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Epoxy flooring by CPS West, located in Ontario, CA we specialize in Industrial flooring applications through-out Southern California
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concrete protection systems west, inc ontario, ca


  • Working in hundreds of facilities over the years, we have mastered the specific needs for the various areas unique to each facility, including: aisle ways, manufacturing areas, chemical lines, chemical storage areas, hangars, and more.  Concrete Protection Systems West’s skill in the aerospace industry is incomparable.  Do not hesitate to contact us, as plenty of references are available upon request, from leading aerospace companies.

Animal Habitats

  • Whether it is coating concrete in kennels, an animal shelter, veterinarian office, pet store, or zoo, Concrete Protection Systems West can do it. Environments like these require seamless, monolithic coating to keep floors sanitary, and rid any substances from becoming penetrated in the floors.


  • Usually for dealerships, the application is coating the service bays. In addition to this, Concrete Protection Systems West, has an extensive background, coating the aisle ways in high traffic areas, repairing damaged docks in shipping areas, installing sealers in warehouse areas, or polishing concrete in lobby areas.  Having worked in several Bus depots, R&D centers, distribution buildings, training facilities, as well as many auto dealerships, Concrete Protection Systems West has the experience, and is able to provide any potential client with reputable references.


  • Having a broad background in concrete coatings, concrete sealers, and concrete polishing, Concrete Protection Systems West has the ability to provide the correct floor treatment for hangars and aircraft facilities.  Concrete Protection Systems West has worked for various private airline companies, aerospace companies, private owners, and large military aircraft bases.


  • Concrete Protection Systems West specializes in the chemical industry we also have a custom line of resinous epoxies to prevent chemical damage. As harsh chemicals penetrate the concrete and risk reaching the ground soil, it can become a major liability.  We understand the difficulties, and requirements that vary in each application.  Whether it may be chemical processing, secondary containment, or hazardous waste and storage areas, hundreds of projects have been accomplished per Concrete Protection Systems West. 


  • Two common areas on the church ground that greatly benefit from Concrete Protection Systems West’s floor coatings are kitchens and restrooms. Decorative floor coatings, concrete stains, and concrete polishing are also common in worship centers, hallways, multi-purpose rooms, and nurseries.  Concrete Protection Systems West can enhance the appearance of any church facility.

Correctional Facilities

  • Concrete Protection Systems West’s floors and walls are low maintenance. Anti-slip surfaces also make the floors safer. Resinous seamless flooring is important, the growth of bacteria is unlikely, keeping prisons, detention centers, and holding cells sanitary.


  • Concrete coatings and concrete polishing is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.  Not only do they improve the appearance of the facilities, but they also make them sanitary, safer, and are eco-friendly. These coatings can be installed in classrooms, hallways, stairs, labs, restrooms, cafeterias and kitchens.   Concrete Protection Systems West has assisted many schools and educational campuses with their concrete needs.


  • Electronics industries require special ESD (electric static discharge) flooring.  Concrete Protection Systems West Stat ESD is engineered to meet the specific demands of this distinctive industry.  Feel free to contact Concrete Protection Systems West to learn further, about the benefits for electronic manufacturing plants.

Food & Beverage

  • Concrete Protection Systems West understands that food plants encompass difficult challenges, and obtains the knowledge and skills to make food processing plants function as efficiently as possible. Whether it be a bakery, bottling, or processing meat, fish, poultry, dairy, flavors, sauces, fruits, vegetables, or wine.  Knowing there is extremely short down times, we have a line of rapid cure systems.  The problems of thermal shock and thermal cycling are met through installing our polyurethane concrete.  The extensive abuse from impact and abrasion is resolved with our high build systems.  Drainage and puddling issues are repaired through sloping.  You will be worry free with our anti-slip services, to prevent falls and/or slips. Concrete Protection Systems West has worked for leading food/beverage companies and is willing to make available case studies, photos, references, and samples for our potential or existing client base. 


  • Concrete Protection Systems West has the perfect flooring solution for any area within a pharmaceutical setting. Important in the pharmaceutical industry is a hygienic floor system, to guarantee safe, germ-free surroundings for production plants, research labs, and development programs.

Assembly Lines

  • Assembly areas are key in keeping operations moving.  In addition to being easily maintained, Concrete Protection Systems West offers a number of industrial floor coatings that have the ability to meet a host of performance criteria; this includes high mechanical, chemical and impact resistance.

Clean Rooms & Laboratories

  • Clean rooms and laboratories require specialty coatings to help maintain the highest levels of cleanliness. Our floor and wall coatings obtain a high gloss, joint-free finish which eliminates the cracks and crevices that accrue dirt and dust, making the floors dust-free, easy to clean, and de-contaminate.
  • Concrete Protection Systems West offers an antistatic flooring series which is ideal in handling sensitive electronic components.


  • Concrete Protection Systems West’s expertise in designing and producing restaurant flooring is unparalleled, with the growing popularity of beautifully, adorned concrete stains and concrete polishing in dining areas. Furthermore, the traditional use of functional high build and polyurethane concrete coating systems in kitchen (link to APPLICATION KITCHEN) areas (where chemical resistance, sanitary cove base, and protection from hot temperatures is all essential). Concrete Protection Systems West has worked directly for small, private restaurant owners to large restaurant chains. Throughout the years, Concrete Protection Systems West products have been installed in hundreds of restaurants.


  • The retail industry has made a significant push for decorative concrete systems moving away from traditional floor coverings such as carpet, tile, sheet vinyl, which include concrete polishing, concrete stains, and gorgeous concrete coatings.  It is important to ensure that the floor treatment is both visually attractive and hard-wearing.  Concrete Protection Systems West products have been installed in various retail environments—from grocery stores, to clothing /fashion outlets, and several others. Concrete Protection Systems West holds a strong background in retail flooring.


Concrete Protection Systems West has become firmly established in the need for wineries, being both based in California and established in the Food and Beverage industry.  Concrete Protection Systems West holds the ability to address the ordinary complications in food plants.  The high acidic content in wine causes the installation of concrete coatings in wineries to be highly complex.  Polyurethane concrete and acid-resistant epoxy systems are readily available per, Concrete Protection Systems West.