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Epoxy flooring by CPS West, located in Ontario, CA we specialize in Industrial flooring applications through-out Southern California
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Resinous Epoxy Flooring

Resinous epoxy flooring is made up of, a hard-wearing resin used to coat flooring. Resinous epoxy flooring preserves durability and makes floors easy to maintain.

Epoxy Flooring SO CAL

Our epoxy floorings are available in a large range of color flake and solid colors.

  • The color-flake floor offers a wide assortment of colors that burst to life.  Not only are the color-flake floors easy to maintain, but they have high stain, scratch, wear and UV resistance.  Perfect for; showrooms, shops, commercial, manufacturing, and residential applications.

Concrete Protection Systems West, provides a wide-variety of resinous epoxy flooring, which can be utilized in: manufacturing, food processing, commercial kitchens, automotive, food processing facilities, kennels, parlor floors, pharmaceutical, medical, retail, as well as commercial floors and several other facilities.

No Need to Shut Your Business Down Epoxy Flooring Done Over Night!

Concrete Protection Systems, uses a proprietary fast cure polymer which enables us to install epoxy flooring and anti-slip systems over night. These applications are ideal for companies that can’t afford down time. We understand the needs of businesses, and can work with client time constraints, by using fast-cure polymers this enables us to work nights. Our Trained experts have the knowledge and experience to install these flooring systems safely and effectively.

With 26 years of experience, Concrete Protection Systems West is sure we will become your go to flooring specialists, for all of your epoxy  and industrial flooring needs. 



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